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Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs

Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs (Bosphorus Global) has been operating as a non-profit, non-governmental organization since 2015. Bosphorus Global, which became an association working for the public interest in 2018, carries out its activities within the framework of two main axes: Combating disinformation and public diplomacy.

1. Combating Disinformation: It is a well-known and accepted fact that traditional media has left its place in internet journalism. This change has many advantages in terms of the democratization of journalism and the development of instant and on-the-spot journalism, however, this also creates a channel that is extremely open to information pollution and disinformation. The individual, who once is in the position of “watcher” or “reader” in traditional media, is in the position of a content producer today. The situation, which was thought to provide “democratization” in all levels of society in the first half of the 2000s, unfortunately, placed the danger of disinformation at the center of social life. The manipulation of the truth or the presentation of completely unrealistic fiction under the title of news has caused the era to be called “post-truth”.

Based on this fact, Bosphorus Global has designated “verification” activities as one of its major areas of work since 2015 and has taken initiatives to protect the public’s right to have “accurate information”. In this context, Bosphorus Global established the “Fact Checking Türkiye” website and social media account, which is Türkiye’s first verification channel for the international press.

For foreign press news corrected/verified by Fact Checking Türkiye project, click here!

In addition, the verification project named “Doğrusu Ne?” (What’s Right?), which is created with the experience and knowledge of our institution in the field of verification, has been broadcasted after the main news on TRT 1 channel for a 5-year-row.

Bosphorus Global successfully fulfils its mission of correcting the fake news and conveying the correct information on the social media with the Twitter account of “Günün Yalanları” (Daily Lies) and its website.

2.Public Diplomacy: One of the main aims of Bosphorus Global is to expand Türkiye’s international recognition. Bosphorus Global has tackled an important mission in explaining the revolutionary transformation of Türkiye in the last 20 years. Bosphorus Global conveys Türkiye’s theses correctly; it invites and hosts journalists, diplomats, parliamentarians and artists from many countries to Türkiye for the sake of the purpose. International actors hosted in Türkiye, within the scope of lobbying activities, are informed on many critical issues such as the July 15 Coup Attempt, FETO (Fetullahist/Fetullah’s Terror Organization) and the fight against terrorism, the Turkish economy model, human rights, views on freedom of thought and belief, and developments in the fields of rights and freedoms of ethnic and religious minorities. Meetings are held with experts and officials on the subject. In this regard, it is ensured that they come together not only with the relevant government officials but also with the representatives of the opposition parties.

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Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs

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