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Lord Alex Carlile, Member Of The British House Of Lords, Visits Türkiye

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Lord Alex Carlile, Member of the British House of Lords, came to Türkiye on the third of April 2018, upon the invitation of our center. Lord Carlile, who attended the meetings in Istanbul and Ankara, met with Ahmet Aydın, the Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, and received information about the functioning of the Assembly and the Turkish Presidential System. Lord Carlile, who contemplated the parts of the Turkish Grand National Assembly that were bombed by member of FETO terror organization during the July 15 coup attempt, also watched a session in the Assembly from the guest box. Later, he met with the Chief Advisors of the Presidency, Mehmet Uçum and Ahmet Selim Köroğlu, to get information about the post-coup process, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, the extradition processes of suspects abroad and the prosecution of the putschists.

Speaking at the press conference held on April 5, Lord Alex Carlile said that he came to Türkiye because he wanted to get to know our country better and to have more information about the developments in our country. Lord Carlile underlined that the United Kingdom sees Türkiye as an ally and is ready to do its best to improve the relations and dialogue between the two countries; He emphasized that it is of vital importance for Türkiye to appeal to wider masses and express itself in these matters.

Lord Carlile thanked and praised Bosphorus Global and stated that he witnessed one of the best examples of Turkish hospitality here.

He mentioned Türkiye’s position in the international arena and its relations with the European Union. Moreover, Lord Carlile said that Türkiye’s support to Qatar is admirable. He added that he would be pleased with Türkiye’s accession to the EU underlining that he is an opponent of Britain’s exit from the EU.